Automated Flagger Assistance Device (AFAD)

Traffic in a work zone has never been easier to manage with our automated flagged assistance device that reduces the need for a temporary traffic control employee. Our AFAD is operated by a remote control to enhance worker safety and risk management. This Wanco product meets MUTCD standards and features visible 12-inch red and yellow signal lights with a reflectorized gate arm.


How to Buy or Rent Our Automated Flagger Assistance Devices

Request a quote on our website or call our team to place your order, use the AFAD for your specific needs, and then return the equipment to one of our four locations. NatCap can also arrange delivery and pick-up of equipment for a fee. Talk to our team when you get your price estimate to coordinate this. We’re happy to answer any questions.

Our construction equipment rental prices are by the day. Generally, the longer the time frames the cheaper the daily cost will be. We have three different billing options based on the time, item, and applicable sales tax. You can rent daily, weekly, or monthly. Keep it as long as you need for your construction site and our team will let you know if your rental cost exceeds the purchase cost. Additionally, if you are bidding on a project, special pricing outside of the day-week-month structure can be negotiated.

Tandem towable Wanco AFAD devices
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Daily Pricing:

  • $75 per day
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Weekly Pricing:

  • $490 per week

When To Use NatCap's AFAD

In a work zone, flaggers and crossing guards face a very real danger of being struck by vehicles while they control traffic. Our AFAD is the perfect solution to eliminate the risk of a human flagger being harmed in a construction zone while providing road users with guidance.

NatCap’s AFAD can be used in many different temporary or permanent scenarios to enhance worker safety and emergency management. 

technician working in solar power station

Features and Add-Ons

With wireless touchscreen controllers, tandem towing options, and both battery-powered and solar charging capabilities, this machine has it all. The touchscreen interface is extremely easy to use and can be set up in just a few minutes.

A “breakaway” gate arm is optional and any of our signs can be easily attached to the AFAD in order to meet your traffic control needs. Lastly, we can attach a Wanco fleet GPS tracker to these machines for optimal asset management.

Wanco orange controller up close

Renting: 4 Convenient Locations

Benefits of Renting Over Buying

At NatCap, we rent more than just AFADs. We have a wide variety of contractor supplies, safety products, and traffic safety equipment for rent. We carry everything from Arrowboards & TMA trucks to barricade rentals. Renting construction equipment provides many benefits for property managers including:

Cost Savings
Reduced Downtime
Reduced Storage
Access to Expertise


What is a flagger?


A flagger in construction directs traffic around work zones to ensure the safety of both workers and the public. They use signs, hand signals, and communication devices to manage traffic flow and prevent accidents.

Will the AFAD replace the need for a human flagger?


Yes, with this easy-to-use device, you can eliminate the need for a human flagger using a stop/slow paddle and improve project safety.

How do automatic flaggers work?


The signal lights change automatically based on the gate arm’s position: red means stop when the arm is down, and yellow flashes continuously when the arm is up. The flagger operator can manually control the gate arm’s movements from a location off of the roadway.

Do flaggers work in the rain?


While it depends on the weather if a human flagger will work in the rain, our AFAD is water-proof and will work in poor weather conditions.

How does GPS asset management work?


GPS tracking is a system that uses a network of 24 satellites orbiting Earth to provide real-time location data about specific assets, such as heavy machinery, fleet vehicles, and even non-powered equipment on a construction site. To learn more, read our blog

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