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What is a Rideable Contract?

A rideable contract is a contract held by an entity, like NatCap, that allows for contractors or other entities to use the contract as a purchasing vehicle. Rideable contracts are contracts that are designed to allow the contractor to complete a project or select the correct products for the bidding process. They are often used in construction projects to help mitigate the risk of cost overruns or delays, and to encourage collaboration between the contractor and the owner.

Rideable contracts are used in government contracting for construction projects to allow the contractor to adjust the scope of work, time, and cost of the project based on changing circumstances, such as changes in regulations or unforeseen circumstances that may arise during the project. The goal of rideable contracts for government construction projects is to help manage risk and ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget.

Virginia Sheriffs Association Heavy Equipment Procurement Program

The Virginia Sheriff’s Association has been representing sheriffs and deputies since 1933. They practice ethical and transparent procurement practices to ensure fair contracting opportunities for suppliers. National Capital Industries currently has an exclusive contract (Bid 24-05-0713) with The Virginia Sherrif’s Association for Wanco products. To purchase products from this limited-time contract, please click the links below and contact us for any additional questions regarding products, policies, or pricing. This contract is effective August 15, 2023 – August 14, 2024.

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Delaware Department of Transportation
Virginia Department of Transportation
Maryland Department of Transportation
Rideable Contracts
  • Truck and Trailer Mounted Attenuators & Parts
  • Trailer Mounted Message Boards
Rideable Contracts
  • Truck & Trailer Mounted Message & Arrow Board
Rideable Contracts
  • Trailer Mounted Arrow Boards
  • Revolution Traffic Cones
  • Delineator Post, Sand Drums & Attenuator Parts
  • Diesel Light Towers
  • Cements, Mortars & Concrete Mixes
  • Safety Cones
  • Sign Shop Supplies Including Traffic Control Devices and Hardware

Why are Rideable Contracts Helpful?

Rideable contracts are helpful for a variety of reasons, starting with they create continuity between projects, bids and assets for the state. Rather than owning a variety of products from different vendors, this policy creates greater uniformity amongst the state’s equipment. Further, contractors and entities can be sure they are getting DOT approved and preferred products.


How Can Federal, State, City and Local Agencies Use These Contracts To Make a Purchase?

Any municipal entity can request to be ‘added’ to a  contract. For example, if you are a small town, city or a first responder organization inside the state of Virginia, you can request to be ‘added’ to the VDOT Contract that NatCap holds and then you are able to purchase against that contract.

To be added, you must contact the DOT point of contact, usually the contract administration team, and the contract holder will notify us that you will be making a purchase based on our rideable contract.

If you are outside the state of the contract that you want to use, NatCap can send you the contract to reference. While you will not be purchasing directly against it, our sales team is equipped to handle these requests. Although the price, products and some details might vary, referencing rideable contracts makes purchasing construction safety equipment very easy.


Why NatCap?

NatCap has developed a network of our trusted construction equipment manufacturers and have obtained a number of state and local rideable contracts in Virginia, Delaware, Washington D.C. area, and Maryland. If you’re working in these areas, our expert sales team is well versed with our rideable contracts and can help with direct purchases or referencing other contracts to be sure your team gets the right products at the right price.

If you are a minority contractor, NatCap wants to help! In Maryland specifically, the governor has implemented a policy that as much as  26% of every dollar spent will go to a Minority Business Enterprise. NatCap has years of experience consulting and working with minority contractors and we are very excited about this policy. If you are a minority contractor and would like consultation or resources to get into the industry, contact us today. We want to work with you!

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NatCap always has what I need, the right spec. in stock with so many different products. From temp tape to lutes to No Parking signs and the certs to comply w the project requirements.

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