Titan PowrLiner 3500 Single Gun Paint Cart

NatCap’s line striper is a tried-and-true paint sprayer with no frills. The PowrLiner 3500 is the standard for all paint stripers and is available for your rental needs. Our line striper delivers sharp, straight lines, and consistent lines every time for a professional look. This line striping machine requires manual force to guide it but can be supplemented with a gas-powered unit. We also have electric sprayer options available.

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How to Rent Our Single Gun Paint Cart

Request a quote on our website or call our team to place your order, use the striping equipment for your specific needs, and then return the equipment to one of our four locations. Your team can pick up and deliver the rental equipment to our Baltimore location only. NatCap can also arrange delivery and pick-up equipment for a fee. Talk to our team when you get your price estimate to coordinate this.

Our construction equipment rental prices are by the day. Generally, the longer the time frames the cheaper the daily cost will be. We have three different billing options based on the time, item, and applicable sales tax. You can rent daily, weekly, or monthly. Keep it as long as you need for your construction site and our team will let you know if your rental cost exceeds the purchase cost. Additionally, if you are bidding on a project, special pricing outside of the day-week-month structure can be negotiated.


Daily Pricing:

$500 Per Day


Weekly Pricing:

$2,000 Per Week

When to use NatCap's Line Striping Machine

NatCap’s line striper machine can be used in many different temporary or permanent scenarios for skinny or wide lines. If you completing asphalt maintenance and milling up asphalt on a hard surface and are required to put temporary paint down, this type of machine couldn’t be better.

For small jobs, this machine can be used as a small parking lot striper, a manually pushed unit will allow you to simply walk behind the machine and pull a lever to spray straight neat lines of parking lot paint down and evenly apply glass beads for reflectivity if required. This product can also act as a traffic paint striper parking marker for large-scale shopping centers or small roads. Our line striping machines can even be used indoors for projects involving large warehouse floors or rail stations. Lastly, these can be utilized on uneven surfaces like athletic fields or other special events in communities.


Line Striping Equipment Add-Ons & Alternatives

If your surface area is larger and requires a paint striper machine to complete the project, speak with our reps about the Line Driver, a gas-powered unit that connects to the striping cart to mechanize the entire process. We also have electric sprayer options where noise or gas engines are not possible or for in-building projects. Our contractor supplies are top-notch and can be modified for your specific needs upon request. From the first sign to the last line, National Capital has you covered


Renting Locations

Benefits of Renting Over Buying

At NatCap, we rent more than just marking equipment. We have a wide variety of contractor supplies, safety products, and traffic safety equipment for rent. We carry everything from Arrowboards & TMA trucks to type III and type I barricade rentals. Renting construction equipment provides many benefits for property managers including:

Cost Savings
Reduced Downtime
Reduced Storage & Transportation Costs
Access to Expertise

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Rent Equipment for multiple projects or locations at one time?


Yes, you can rent equipment for various projects and sites. There is no restriction on the extent or number of rentals – simply place your order and the equipment will be available for your use. Moreover, for added convenience, the rented equipment can be returned to any one of our locations, excluding Delaware, offering you greater flexibility in managing your equipment rentals. These products can be delivered to Delaware upon request but must be returned to one of the other three locations.

How does the billing process work for rentals?


We will bill on a 4-week monthly basis (28 days including weekends and holidays), therefore if you have the equipment for less than 27 days, you will be billed at the end of that month and if you have the equipment for a month or longer, then you will be billed at the end of each month that you have rental equipment. You do not need to specify how long you will rent the equipment upfront. Keep it as long as you need for your projects, our team will let you know if your rental cost exceeds the purchase cost. Any damage will be invoiced to the customer at fair market cost upon return of the rental asset.

How often should you repaint a parking lot?


Parking lot striping lines should be repainted every 18-24 months for optimal safety. Paint type, weather, and application can affect this time frame.

How long does it take to paint lines in a parking lot?


It takes about 2-3 hours to paint a new parking lot with 100 lines. Touch-ups can be done in significantly less time. After only 30 minutes, the line striping should be dry. NatCap’s gas-powered addition to the line striper will speed up work time, especially on longer projects.

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