Traffic Cone Rental

All our traffic cones are compliant with DOT standards and come with the highest-grade reflective sheeting for added safety. Our 36” traffic cone rentals are perfect for your construction project and all traffic control needs. Our cones weigh 10 pounds and come with the option to add a 7-pound cone weight.

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How to Rent Safety Cones?

Request a quote on our website or call the team in your area to place your order. Our reflective safety cones for your specific needs, and then return the equipment to one of our locations in Baltimore, D.C., or Northern Virginia. The safety cones can be picked up in Delaware by appointment or delivered anywhere in the DMV. Our equipment delivery and pick-up service can be arranged for an additional charge. Please discuss this option with our team when obtaining your quote to plan it.

Our construction equipment rental prices are by the day. Generally, the longer the time frames the cheaper the daily cost will be. We have three different billing options based on the time frame, item, and applicable sales tax. You can rent our quality equipment daily, weekly, or monthly. Keep it as long as you need and our team will let you know if your rental cost exceeds the purchase cost. Additionally, if you are bidding on a project, special price estimates outside of the day-week-month structure can be negotiated.

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Cone Pricing:

  • $0.50 per day
  • $50 minimum rental

Cone Weight Pricing:

  • $0.25 per day

When to use Traffic Cones?

There are many different applications for our traffic cones to meet your rental needs. These cones can be used as traffic control equipment, for visibility in construction, parking lots, or in various communities as event rentals. these cones are durable, reflective, and dependable for all construction jobs. They are perfect traffic rentals for DOT contracts and meet all industry standards.

When to use Traffic Cones?

Features of NatCap's Traffic Cone Rentals

NatCap’s traffic cones have high-grade reflective collars. Our reflective rentals can be crucial for direct traffic visibility, protecting construction projects in low-light conditions, and more. We are proud to provide traffic cones that meet all MUTCD standards for optimal safety in the workplace. We also have cone weights available to secure the equipment down.

Renting Locations

Benefits of Renting Over Buying

At NatCap, we rent more than just various types of cones. We have a wide variety of construction, safety products, and traffic safety equipment. We carry everything from Arrowboards & TMA trucks to traffic cone channelizers. We are here to answer any questions you might have about our products or rentals. Renting construction equipment provides many benefits for contractors including:

Cost Savings
Reduced Downtime
Reduced Storage
Access to Expertise


Can I Rent Equipment for multiple projects or locations at one time?


Yes, you can rent equipment for various projects and sites. There is no restriction on the extent or number of rentals – simply place your order and the equipment will be available for your use. Moreover, for added convenience, the rented equipment can be returned to any one of our locations, excluding Delaware, offering you greater flexibility in managing your equipment rentals. These products can be delivered to Delaware upon request but must be returned to one of the other three locations.

How does the billing process work for rentals?


We will bill on a 4-week monthly basis (28 days including weekends and holidays), therefore if you have the equipment for less than 27 days, you will be billed at the end of that month and if you have the equipment for a month or longer, then you will be billed at the end of each month that you have rental equipment. You do not need to specify how long you will rent the equipment upfront. Keep it as long as you need for your projects, our team will let you know if your rental cost exceeds the purchase cost. Any damage will be invoiced to the customer at fair market cost upon return of the rental asset.

How much does a traffic cone weigh?


Our rental cones are 36″, 10-pound cones. The cone weight is 7 pounds and is required to deploy cones on a bridge.

What are traffic cones made of?


Traffic cones are typically made with colored PVC.

Why do traffic cones not fall over?


The weight of a traffic cone, centered toward the bottom, provides stability to the structure which helps it stay upright.

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