Construction Sign Rental

We rent hard signs in the standard MUTCD work zone legends including Road Work Ahead, Be Prepared to Stop, Symbolic Flagger, and Lane Closed Ahead. We have these with MD & VA Legends available, most commonly in 48×48 work zone orange. All our rental equipment is approved for use by all local DOTs.

We do not carry any “Custom” legend or parking signs in our rental inventory, any custom signs would need to be purchased.

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How to Rent Arrow Boards from NatCap

Request a quote on our website or call our team to place your order, use the signs for your specific needs, and then return the sign & sign equipment to one of our four locations. NatCap can also arrange delivery service and pick-up of equipment for a fee. Talk to our team when you get your price estimate to coordinate this. We’re happy to answer any questions about your traffic control needs.

Our equipment rental rates are calculated daily. Typically, the cost per day decreases as the rental period extends. We offer a variety of billing plans, which vary according to the duration, specific rental equipment, and applicable sales tax. Options include renting on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You’re welcome to keep the equipment as required for your construction site, and we’ll inform you if the total rental expense surpasses the purchase price.

How to Rent Arrow Boards from NatCap

Pricing Varies Depending on Size

When to Use Our Construction Signs

Use our sign rentals when you do not want to carry the extra inventory, for a short-term project, or added flexibility. Our safety signs are the right equipment for managing traffic flow, special events, road closures, or any other construction project. Our construction signs and traffic safety equipment are durable enough to withstand all conditions with reflective sheeting available for advance warning.

When to Use Our Construction Signs

Construction Signs Rental Add-Ons

We have many other traffic control devices that can be paired with our rental signs. The sign stands and Type I, II & III Barricades are also available for rent to display the rental signage in your work zone as required. If you are preparing bids for projects, we can discuss special rates that deviate from our standard daily, weekly, and monthly pricing structure. We truly are a one-stop shop for traffic control products and tool rentals.

Construction Signs Rental Add-Ons

Renting: 4 Convenient Locations

Benefits of Renting Over Buying

At NatCap, we rent more than just traffic signs. We have a wide variety of contractor supplies and all types of traffic control equipment for rent. We carry everything from traffic cones, truck-mounted attenuators, traffic message boards & pavement marking equipment. Renting traffic management equipment provides many benefits for property managers including:

Cost Savings
Reduced Downtime
Reduced Storage
Access to Expertise


Can I Rent Equipment For Multiple Projects Or Locations At One Time?


Yes, you can rent equipment for various projects and sites. There is no restriction on the extent or number of rentals – simply place your order and the equipment will be available for your use. Moreover, for added convenience, the rented equipment can be returned to any one of our locations, excluding Delaware, offering you greater flexibility in managing your equipment rental needs. These products can be delivered to Delaware upon request but must be returned to one of the other three locations.

How Does The Billing Process Work For Rentals?


We will bill on a 4-week monthly basis (28 days including weekends and holidays), therefore if you have the equipment for less than 27 days, you will be billed at the end of that month and if you have the equipment for a month or longer, then you will be billed at the end of each month that you have rental equipment. You do not need to specify how long you will rent the equipment upfront. Keep it as long as you need for your projects, our team will let you know if your rental cost exceeds the purchase cost. Any damage will be invoiced to the customer at fair market cost upon return of the rental asset.

Do you make custom signs?


We do, however, custom signs are only available for purchase. Use our sign calculator to start the customized process.

What is regulatory signage?


This term describes a range of signs that indicate traffic laws. Disregarding these is considered a road violation. Many of NatCap’s signs fall into the regulatory category.

What signs does OSHA require?


OSHA requires caution signs, danger signs, warning signs, construction area signs, restricted area signs, safety instruction signs, emergency info signs, and traffic control signs. Depending on the project, we can recommend signs that you will need.

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Be Prepared to Stop, Construction Entrance Ahead, Center Lane Closed, Detour, End Road Work, Flagman Ahead, International Merge Left (Symbol), International Merge Right (Symbol), Keep Left, Keep Right, Lane Shift (Arrow Left ), Lane Ends Merge, Lane Ends Merge Left, Left Lane Closed, Men Working Ahead, One Lane Road, Right Lane Closed, Road Closed, Rumble Strips Ahead, Steel Plates Ahead, Shoulder Work, Truck Entering Highway (Symbol), Utility Work, Uneven Pavement