Rescue G-Loop

While it may initially be difficult to believe, one of the most hazardous elements of a fall from heights does not involve the fall itself, but the prolonged effects of being suspended in a full-body safety harness after a fall. Because of this, Guardian Fall Protection designed the Rescue G Loop specifically to help relieve the negative and potentially deadly effects of suspension related trauma. A supremely compact and lightweight device, the Rescue G Loop is deployed by a fallen worker to enable them to stand up in their harness to relieve pressure from their limbs. It easily attaches to any harness with its textile and Velcro loops, and can make the difference between walking away from a fall and being carried away from a fall. It is important to note that this equipment will not be usable by an unconscious victim, and should only be considered as an intermediate measure for use until rescue and recovery occur.

Helps relieve 'suspension trauma'
Compact & lightweight
Allows suspended worker to stand up in harness
Easy to attach
Easy deployment & full-proof operation


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