Rebar Steel 20′

#3 GR-40AR10503/8″ X 20′
#4 GR-60AR10751/2″ X 20′
#5 GR-60AR11005/8″ X 20′
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Grade 40 rebar offers Designation offers a minimum yield strength of 40,000 pounds per square inch and conforms to ASTM A-615 performance standards. Its metric counterpart is grade 280 rebar, with an equivalent minimum yield strength of 280 megapascals. This makes grade 40 rebar an excellent choice for light- to medium-duty concrete reinforcing applications.



Grade 60 rebar offers a minimum yield strength of 60,000 pounds per square inch, or 420 megapascals on the metric grading scale. It also features a continuous line system, with one line running along the length of the bar which is offset a minimum of five spaces from the center. These characteristics make grade 60 rebar particularly well-suited for medium- to heavy-duty concrete reinforcement applications.