Quadguard Diaphragm

The QuadGuard® system is a potentially reusable, redirective, non-gating crash cushion for hazards ranging in width from 610 mm to 3200 mm (24″ to 126″). After those impacts observed within NCHRP 350 criteria, it has been observed that, potentially, the bulk of the system can be reused. The system consists of energy-absorbing Cartridges surrounded by a framework of Quad-BeamTM Panels. What constitutes a potentially reusable highway product should only be determined by a trained engineer, experienced in highway products, directed by the DOT, or other appropriate local highway authority. The QuadGuard® system utilizes two types of Cartridges in a “staged” configuration to address both lighter cars and heavier, high center-of-gravity vehicles. Its modular design allows the system length to be tailored to the design speed of a site. See Table A on Page 12 to determine the appropriate length system for a given speed.

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