Pexco FG 300 Delineator Post

The Pexco FG 300 Delineator Post is a durable and highly visible solution for guiding traffic and enhancing safety in construction zones, parking lots, and pedestrian areas. Meeting MUTCD and NCHRP standards, these posts offer easy installation and long-lasting performance. Our FG 300 is offered in three grades and every post is printed for easy identification.

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Model PE:

  • For general applications
  • Most economical option
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Model UR:

  • The industry workhorse
  • Lasts 3 to 5 times longer than traditional channelizers
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Model EFX:

  • For your toughest installations
  • 65% stronger than Model UR

Extreme Durability

The Pexco FG 300 Delineator Post stands out for its high quality, due to its innovative clover-leaf design. Unlike simple round tubes, the FG 300’s curving sides alter the moment of inertia, creating significant potential energy for a swift rebound after vehicle impacts. This advanced design ensures that the post quickly returns to its original position, maintaining its effectiveness and visibility even after multiple impacts. The FG 300 Delineator Post provides continuous delineation, and long-lasting performance, making it a cost-effective choice for enhancing work zone safety.

Anti parking delineators in the city

Enhanced Visibility & Curbing Capabilities

The Pexco FG 300 Traffic Delineator Posts excel in visibility, featuring fluorescent-colored channelizer posts and reflective bands that grab attention quickly. In low light conditions, these fluorescent posts stand out boldly, ensuring that drivers effectively yield to these guidance devices. Available in yellow, white, and orange, both the post and rubber base provide complete delineation and curbing. These high visibility reflective stripes promise fewer accidents and significantly improved safety for changes in traffic flow.

These traffic delineator posts can be utilized with the FG 300 Grade Curb System to create a continuous line of curbing for additional safety and guidance. This system, also known as the Interstate Grade Curb System, offers a versatile solution for enhanced traffic management and safety.

Pexco delineator curbing

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Customers choose NatCap because of our extensive experience, comprehensive product range, and commitment to safety. With over 60 years of industry knowledge, we provide reliable, cost-effective solutions for all your work zone needs.

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What are these delineator posts made of?


The UR and EFX models are both made from polyurethane while the PE model is constructed of a low-density polyethylene tube.

Where are delineators used?


Tubular delineator products are typically used to indicate a lane reduction transition. Besides on highways in traffic lanes, flexible delineator posts are ideal for dangerous curves, parking lots, hotels, school crosswalks, and other off-road applications.

What is the difference between a bollard and a delineator?


A bollard is a sturdy post for blocking vehicle access and providing security, while a delineator is a flexible post used to guide and direct traffic, enhancing visibility and safety with reflective sheeting.

What is proper delineator spacing?


Proper delineator spacing typically ranges from 20 to 50 feet apart, depending on the specific use, roadway conditions, visibility requirements, and the guidelines set by local transportation authorities.