NiteStar Distance Measuring Instrument


“The Original DMI… Accept Nothing Less.”

The NITESTAR ® has been designed to make distance measuring as easy as possible. The average survey can be completed simply by using the four large keys on the left side of the instrument.

The NITESTAR® has embedded programs specially designed for contractors who require material amounts and costs for asphalt, concrete, gravel, sand and other components.

The NITESTAR® also has non volatile internal memory to store numerous events along with the distance that they occur. Non volatile memory ensures that events are not lost when the device is turned off.

Designed by the company that invented the first Electronic DMI, the NITESTAR® will offer the most accurate distance measurements from any road vehicle within an accuracy of one foot per mile!


  • Backlighted Keypad and Display
  • Miles, Feet, Km Conversion
  • Vehicle Speed Display
  • Unlimited Vehicle Memory(When Attached To A Laptop)
  • Calibration Storage For 4 Vehicles
  • Up/Down Count
  • Pre-Distance Capability
  • Save Money and Time!
  • Improve Safety
  • Accurate Record Keeping
  • Works on ANY Type of Vehicle
  • Control Peripheral Equipment
  • Interface to Printer, PC or Laptop*
  • RS-232 To PC or Printer Accessories*


  • Paint Line Length
  • Guide Rail Length
  • Pole or Sign Spacing
  • Cable or Pipeline Length
  • Truck, Bus, or Postal routes
  • E-911 Address Locating
  • Accident Reconstruction
  • Roadway & Railway Lengths
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Power: 9 to 16 VDC, negative ground 90 ma @ 12 VDC (max)Automatic Error Compensates for sensor error due to vehicle’s Correction: dynamic motion
Accuracy: ± 1 Foot Per Mile.Material Calculation: Area, Volume, Tonnage, Cost
Resolution: ± 1 FootInterval Counts: Elapsed distance from last mark, * Begin / End accumulation.
Display: Back lighted liquid crystal panel (3 brightness level adjustments and off), 6-Digit distance (MI, FT, Km), 4-Digit interval distance, 3-Digit speed (MPH, Kmh, F/S). Indicators: Up/Down arrow, AEC, Code, Mark, Count hold, Display hold, CalibrateMemory: *Unlimited with laptop computer use only, *0-99 Event codes, *20 Plain language events.
Keypad: LED back lighted (3 brightness level adjustments and off), 15 key, Touch-Tell silicon rubberMemory Non Volatile Type, Retention: >50 year (Lifetime) retention.
Speed: Display vehicle speed 0-199 (MPH, Kmh, F/S)Printer Interface: Serial, 300-9,600 baud rate. (Selectable)
Count: Bi-Directional Up/Down.Communications: *RS-232 in/out, Selectable baud rate (300-600 1,200-2,400-4,800-9,600)
Calibration: Four vehicle memory.Input Channel: (1) 8 bit 0-5 VDC Analog, (1) 0-5 VDC Digital
Auto Distance Conversion: Feet, Miles, Kilometers.Output Channel: (1) 0-5 VDC Digital
Test Mode: Complete system check, simulates distance countCase: High Heat Resistive ABS.
Count Hold: Stops distance countDimensions: 7.5″ (190.5mm) x 2.25″ (57.15mm) x .88″ (22.5mm)
Display Hold: Freeze display count without loss of accumulating distanceWeight: 0.7 oz
Pre-Distance: Capability of starting at a known distanceOperating Temperature: 0C to 70C
Output Pulse 0-5 VDC (Low Going High)Instrument Warranty: One year parts and labor.
(PDI) Type: High Going Low, Flip Flop Output Pulse Activate (Distance)Package Consists of: Instrument, Installation kit, Operating Manual.Order Sensor Separately.
(PDI) Setting: Duration (Distance, Time)* Model NS-60 Only
Speed Trap: Operation for computing observed vehicle’s speed

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