LED Traffic Sign System

Our LED Traffic Sign Systems are designed to enhance driver awareness and safety on the roads. Featuring high-intensity LEDs and weatherproof construction, these signs ensure unmatched visibility in all weather conditions, day or night. We offer both the Basic and Intelligent traffic-control signal configurations. Whether it’s for a school zone, loading zone, or an intersection, our LED Traffic Sign Systems are engineered to meet MUTCD standards and your community’s safety needs efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Basic System:

  • Plug-and-play installation: No programming is required, ensuring quick and easy setup.
  • Affordable implementation: Battery and solar options provide exceptional performance.
  • Open configuration: Offers flexibility with radar options to activate flashing upon vehicle approach.
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Intelligent System:

  • Seamless connectivity: Signs and sensors collaborate via radio for efficient communication.
  • Intuitive app configurations: Simplify complex setups with easy-to-use software.
  • Wireless technology: Enables swift implementation with scheduling functionality for timely driver warnings.

Unmatched Visibility & Waterproof Capabilities

Our LED Traffic Sign Systems deliver superior visibility even in extreme weather conditions, ensuring road safety during fog, snow conditions, and rainy nights. Equipped with high-intensity LEDs, these signs remain highly visible, day or night, providing critical warnings to motor vehicles when traditional traffic signs, even with reflective sheeting, aren’t enough. Whether it’s for a stop sign or a school bus loading zone, our flashing beacon systems guarantee driver awareness under all weather conditions.

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LED Traffic Signal: Cost-Effective Upgrade to Preexisting Signs

TraffiCalm’s Flashing LED Sign Systems offer a simple and cost-effective retrofit solution for existing signs. Enhancing traffic alerts where needed has never been easier, making it an ideal choice for upgrading your current traffic control devices. With plug-and-play installation and flexible configuration options, these systems are both economical and efficient, improving safety with minimal disruption. Our solutions fit perfectly with speed limit signs, intersection control beacons, and other official traffic control devices.

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The NatCap Advantage

NatCap’s expertise in traffic control products ensures you receive top-quality traffic systems that enhance road safety. Choose any of our traffic control signs, and we can add Trafficalm LED lights to them, ensuring that your traffic control devices are equipped for maximum visibility and effectiveness.

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What are the power options for the LED Traffic Sign Systems?


Our systems offer both battery and solar power options, ensuring reliable performance regardless of the location. Whether you need a flashing stop sign or a pedestrian hybrid beacon, our power solutions provide flexibility and reliability.

How do the radar-activated LED traffic lights work?


The radar option detects approaching vehicular traffic and activates the flashing sign lights to alert drivers, enhancing their awareness of the sign. This feature is handy for speed limit enforcement and driver awareness in school zones.

Can these systems be integrated with existing traffic control devices?


Yes, our systems are designed for easy integration with preexisting signs and traffic control devices, making upgrades seamless.

How do these signs perform in extreme weather conditions?


Equipped with ruggedized electronics and high-intensity LEDs, our traffic signal light systems provide unmatched visibility and reliable performance even in a severe winter storm event. Whether it’s a flashing stop sign or pedestrian signals, our safety signs and LED signals are built to withstand the harshest environments, ensuring continuous operation and road safety.

What is the lifespan of the LED lights used in these traffic sign systems?


The high-intensity LEDs used in our traffic sign systems have an exceptionally long lifespan of 100,000 hours.