Asphalt Lute

36″ Lute head with 7′ handle

Use an asphalt lute to ensure that asphalt is spread quickly and evenly. Level and smooth asphalt with a variety of head and handle options. Order complete tool or individual replacement components separately. The handle is made of light weight magnesium. A slightly thinner wall thickness on our economy grade line reduces the overall weight while the slightly larger handle diameter assures reasonable strength against bending. A slightly smaller handle diameter on our premium grade line allows hands to relax more while working and allows a heavier wall thickness to resist bending, without increasing the weight of the lute. No angle braces are needed. The end is capped with a rubber tip. The head is made of wear-resistant aluminum alloy. Aluminum alloy holds heat better, making scrape off easier and teeth will not bend easily as with magnesium heads. An 1/8” thick tee-beam has a smooth edge on one side and serrated edge on the other. The smooth edge is used for final finishing pass leaving asphalt ready for compaction. The serrated edge has blunted teeth with rounded notches, permitting mix to flow through easily without “gumming up.” Standard head is serrated with a full tooth at each end. An un-serrated head with a smooth edge on both sides is available upon request.

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